Overview of Lung Cancer in India


Nowadays lung cancer has become one of the leading causes of cancer deaths for both men and women across the world. According to study, most of the Lung Cancer Treatment Hospital in India offers the free screening for the patients with advanced stage of lung-cancer patients. The team of lung cancer professionals provides a range of radiation therapy as the best option to treat all types of lung cancer. India is a country which offers the state-of-the-art cancer hospitals in India which use the latest treatments and technologies where you can receive all of your treatment under one roof. The surgeons at Lung Cancer Treatment Hospital in India are highly-skilled and experienced professionals who work together to deliver a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. The aim of this hospital is to provide you the aggressive cancer treatment, so you and your family can focus on healing.


Lung Cancer Treatment in India

The Lung Cancer Treatment in India is performed by using the following methods which help you in healing from the cancer problem:

  1.  Radiation Therapy:Radiation Therapy is a Lung Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will use the high beam energy similar to X-rays and the large machine is used to target at a tumor. This is a therapy which can damage the cells in the path of the beam and can also affect the normal cells as well as cancer cells. In internal radiation therapy, your surgeon will place the radioactive material directly into or near a tumor.
  2.  Chemotherapy:Chemotherapy is a Lung Cancer Treatment in India in which your surgeon will give you the pills or injections. Chemotherapy drugs are those drugs which grow and spread the cancer cells and also they damage the healthy cells. Healthy cells can recover over time.
  3.  Photodynamic Therapy:Photodynamic therapy is a special drug which is given to you by your surgeon and this drug starts to work when exposed to light. Your surgeon will inject the drug into your bloodstream and the same will be absorbed by the cancer cells. These drugs, when exposed to a high-energy laser light, will become active and destroys the cancer cells. In some cases the early-stage lung cancer will be treated by using the Photodynamic therapy and this therapy will also be used to help in relieving the symptoms of a blocked airway.
  4.  Targeted Therapies:Targeted therapies are the therapies which use drugs or other substances to block the growth and spread of cancer cells. These drugs will target the specific types of cancer cells. Sometimes, the targeted therapy is used to treat the non–small cell lung cancer that has come back or they are failed to respond to chemotherapy.

Advantages of Lung Cancer Treatment in India

Many people are afraid of going through the cancer treatments because of the side-effects that can occur. Although every treatment has some side effects, however, these can usually be controlled with medicines. The advantages of having the Lung Cancer Treatment in India vary from individual to individual and also vary from the stages of the lung cancer. With the advancement of medical science, there has been observed many benefits after the treatment. With both first-line and second-line agents, there are palliative benefits. Such chemotherapy improves the quality of your life and also it will increase your body’s natural ability to fight against cancer. It will also help to boost up your immune system.

Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

India is a country where the Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India is very reasonable as compared to the lung cancer treatment in other developed countries.  In the countries like the US, the UK, and the Australia if the people are without the insurance will face the challenges while undergoing for the lung cancer treatment because without insurance this treatment is very expensive in Western countries and not in India. India becomes a very popular and preferred choice of many international patients because the cost of the lung cancer treatment is very reasonable and the success and the survival rates are very high as compared to other western countries.

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Some lung tumors are metastatic from cancers elsewhere in the body. The lungs are a common site for metastasis. If this is the case, the cancer is not considered to be lung cancer. For example, if prostate cancer spreads via the bloodstream to the lungs, it is metastatic prostate cancer (a secondary cancer) in the lung and is not called lung cancer.
Lung cancers are usually divided into two main groups that account for about 95% of all cases.

– The division into groups is based on the type of cells that make up the cancer.

– The two main types of lung cancer are characterized by the cell size of the tumor when viewed under the microscope. They are called small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). NSCLC includes several subtypes of tumors.

– SCLCs are less common, but they grow more quickly and are more likely tometastasize than NSCLCs. Often, SCLCs have already spread to other parts of the body when the cancer is diagnosed.

– About 5% of lung cancers are of rare cell types, including carcinoid tumor, lymphoma, and others.

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