1. Is Thermal Breast Imaging a subsitiute for a mammogram?

No. The two tests examine different aspects of the breast. A mammogram is an anatomical test that focuses on finding masses. A thermogram is a physiological test that focuses on cellular activity and vascular signs. An abnormal thermogram requires close monitoring & further evaluation with a test of anatomy—ultrasound for example—to specifically locate any findings, and proceed with any necessary treatment.

However, if nothing is found through follow-up evaluation, you have an early warning and the opportunity to do something about it.

Think of how a weatherman uses a satellite image and a radar image to examine a storm; each gives different types of information, and together form a more complete picture. Similarly, Thermal Imaging and mammography work together to form a highly accurate picture of what’s happening in the breast.

2. Is Thermal Imaging covered by insurance?

You should check with your health insurance provider. There are some insurance companies who will reimburse you for the procedure. It really depends on where you are and the type of policy you have. We will provide you with all necessary codes to submit a claim.

3. When should you use Thermal Imaging?

As soon as possible. Recent studies show an increasing number of breast cancer cases in women under age 40 (when your first mammogram is recommended). You should begin using Thermal Imaging when you are 20 years old to establish a baseline—between ages 20 and 30, every 3 years, and annually after that.

These recommendations are based on normal findings. Higher risk findings require more frequent monitoring. Thermal Imaging gives you the ability to safely and accurately monitor changes in your breast tissue’s activity. You can see the earliest signs of trouble, and take proper action. Thermal Imaging empowers you to take control of your breast health. Ultimately, you can make life-saving decisions to protect yourself before its too late.

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4.What can you do if your evaluation shows increased risk?

We will provide you with a drug-free approach that has helped women reduce their Thermal Biological Risk, and promote healthy breast function. Depending on your results, further investigation through other screening methods may be necessary. All necessary follow-up recommendations will be given to you based on your results. All suspicious findings are reported to your physician, with your consent.

5. Can I have a Thermal Breast Evaluation if I’ve had breast surgery (lumpectomy, mastectomy, breast implants/reduction)?

Yes. Regardless of previous surgery to the breast tissue, your Thermal Imaging can be performed safely and accurately. In fact, mammography’s effectiveness is limited after such surgeries. There are guidelines as to when the Thermal Evaluation should be performed in relation to surgery. If you’ve had breast surgery, and would like to know when you can have your evaluation, please call our office to schedule a FREE phone consultation.

6. Can Thermal Imaging diagnose breast cancer?

No. In fact, all other methods (mammography, ultrasound, physical/self exam) can only suggest the presence or absence of disease. The only way to diagnose breast cancer is through a biopsy, and pathological study.

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