About Anal Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer which starts in your anus is known as the Anal Cancer. The short tube which is located at the end of your rectum from where the stool in your body passes is called anus. The symptoms of the Anal Cancer are the rectal bleeding and anal pain.

Anal Cancer Treatment India is done by the highly skilled and trained professionals and these professionals generally treat your anal cancer with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Though combining anal cancer with chemotherapy and radiation therapy will increase the chance of cure, however, sometimes the combination can also increase the chances of side effects.

Types of Anal Cancer Treatment in India

The following are the types of Anal Cancer Treatment in India through which your surgeon will improve your medical health condition:

  • Chemoradiotherapy: Chemoradiotherapy is the combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment together.

Chemotherapy is an Anal Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will use the anti-cancer drugs to destroy the cancer cells in your body. The drugs which are given to you will circulate throughout the body in the bloodstream.

Radiotherapy is an Anal Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will use the high energy waves which are similar to x-rays to kill the cancer cells in your body.

  • Chemotherapy:To treat your anal cancer your surgeon will advise you to take the chemotherapy drugs in the form of injections in your vein or you can also take it as pills. By taking the chemotherapy drugs in the form of injections or pills will kill the growing cells which travel throughout your body will kill the growing cells. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy also damages your healthy cells, including those in your gastrointestinal tract and in your hair follicles. This type of Anal Cancer Treatment in India causes nausea, vomiting, hair loss etc.
  • Radiotherapy:Radiotherapy is a type of an Anal Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will use the high-powered energy beams, similar to X-rays which is useful to kill cancer cells. At the time when your surgeon is performing the surgery, they will ask you to lie on a table so that it becomes easy for them to move a large machine around you which will be directing radiation beams to the specific areas of your body where cancer cells are present. There are few chances that radiation may damage your healthy tissue which is located near beams and the side effects of the radiation therapy are the skin redness or sores in and around your anus or it can also shrink your anal canal.

For Anal Cancer Treatment in India using radiation therapy, your surgeon will advise you to go for the radiations for about five to six weeks and they will administer the chemotherapy during the first and fifth week.

  • Resection:Resection is the type of Anal Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will perform the resection therapy which will remove the small tumor and some surrounding tissue in your body and after that, you will not face any problems while passing your stool.
  • Surgery:Surgery is the type of Anal Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will choose the surgery which depends on the size and the position of the tumor in your body.

You have one or more of these treatments depending on the stage of your cancer.

Anal Cancer Treatment Cost in India

The Anal Cancer Treatment Cost in India is very reasonable as compared to other developed countries and this is the reason that most of the international patients love to travel India for their Anal Cancer Treatment India because here they not only get the reasonable cost of the Anal Cancer Treatment India but also they enjoy their stay which is arranged by the medical tourism companies for them. India is a country where you will get the highest success rate of the Anal Cancer Treatment India because this is a treatment which is performed by highly skilled and experienced professionals who go beyond their limits to treat the problems with your anal.  The hospital in India for the Anal Cancer Treatment in India offers the best personal and medical care to all the patients across the world.

medical analysis concept: cancer treatment

The best Cancer Treatment Hospital in India

In medical terminology, the cancer is referred to a large number of diseases, characterized by the development of abnormal cells and these diseased cells grow and divide uncontrollably. These diseased cells of cancer have the ability to infiltrate and destroy the normal body tissue. The cancer is a disease which also has the ability to spread throughout your body by the means of lymph systems and blood. Cancer is a disease which is made up of many diseases and it cannot be specifically regarded as one disease.

Types of Cancer Treatment in India

There are many types of Cancer Treatment in India, however, it will depend on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is.

For some people who are dealing with cancer, only one treatment is sufficient to treat cancer. But most of the people have a combination of treatments, such as surgery with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy and this can be only decided when you speak with your doctor that which Cancer Treatment in India is best for you. The following are the methods by which your cancer can be treated:

  1. a) Surgery:Surgery is the method of the Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will remove cancer from your body by using the latest and advanced procedures.
  2. b) Radiation Therapy:Radiation Therapy is the method of the Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will use the high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.
  3. c) Chemotherapy:Chemotherapy is the method of the Cancer Treatment in India in which your surgeon will use the drugs to kill the cancer cells.
  4. d) Targeted Therapy:Targeted therapy is the method of the Cancer Treatment in India which targets the changes in cancer cells that help cancer to grow, spread and divide in your body.
  5. e) Stem Cell Transplant:The surgeon at Cancer Treatment Hospital in India perform the Stem cell transplants procedure which helps to restore blood-forming stem cells in the patient who is dealing with cancer and destroyed them by using the high doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  6. f) Immunotherapy:Immunotherapy is the method of the Cancer Treatment in India which helps your immune to fight against the cancer cells.
  7. g) Hormone Therapy:Hormone therapy is the best treatment at Cancer Treatment Hospital in India which slows or stops the growth of the prostate and breast cancer which use hormones to grow.

Aftercare Cancer Treatment in India

Your surgeon at Cancer Treatment Hospital in India will advise you to drink clean water, minimize stress, taking healthy diet and regular check-ups. After your Cancer Treatment in India, your surgeon will regularly review your physical activity and medical history for the fastest recovery and this is very important as it helps in determining the changes in your health. Your surgeon also advises you to avoid hard exercise as it can affect your health.


Sleep /Rest Important during cancer why?

Rest is very important in one’s life to provide some change to the body .Rest is needed so that the body finds a change from the monotonous routine and recharge itself and get ready for the next day to start working. According to the studies, a normal adult needs about 6-8 hours of sleep and the best time of sleep is from 10pm to 4 am.

Proper rest or sleep is precious so that the body tissues are healed up .Some person gets proper sleep whereas some feels disturbance in their sleep cycle and it’s most commonly found in the cancer patients .Sleep disturbance is normally observed due to the various issues which can be stated as follows:

  • Hectic Schedule: Hectic schedule from the office and the sedentary lifestyle generates stress for us and due to this one feels anxiety and depression and for the one which is diagnosed with cancer their sleep is mostly affected.
  • Tumors Formation: formation of tumor results in itching, fever ,nausea, and pain that disturbs sleep .
  • Side-effects: Due to treatments taken for any disease some of the side-effects are observed and one of them which is mostly observed is insomnia.

Sleep is important during cancer and here it’s why?

  • Melatonin is produced in the brain while we are sleeping and it have antioxidant properties thus preventing damage to cells causing cancer.
  • Improper sleep and rest increase the level of stress hormone secretion and decrease in the count of the natural killer cells which help the human body to fight against cancer.

Measures to have proper sleep for cancer patients:-

  • Reduction of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine consumption.
  • Comfortable mattresses and clothing.
  • The Increase in consumption of water in daytime and reduction at the time of night.
  • Avoidance of junk food.
  • Involving Exercise in your daily routine.
  • Avoiding extra medicine without doctor’s consultation .
  • Keeping mind relax most importantly.

Lung cancer looks so beautiful isn’t it!!!!!!

Lung cancer is very pathetic In reality and when diagnosed it’s really an issue of concern and as far as the studies concerned, lung cancer leads to losing of many lives when compared to other types that includes the breast cancer ,uterus cancer as they can be cured much easily by removal of the organ but this is dangerous .And according to research males are more prone to the lung canc3er as males smokers are  comparatively higher than female smokers.

Now let’s talk about the types of cancer. As people nowadays wants  more variety in each and everything then how come these diseases be of a single type ,They also comes in variety .therefore the variety of lung cancer includes two types and they are:

  1. Non-small cell lung cancer{img}
  2. Small cell lung cancer{img}

Mostly found the type of cancer in the citizens is non-small cell lung cancer and treatments vary according to the type of cancer and stage of cancer. The non-small cell cancer grows very slowly and is found to evolve in the bronchial region of the lungs and can travel to other parts of the body with time as the negativity is said to spread more easily to then positivity similarly the lung cancer also spreads to other parts .

Methods appointed to check Lung Cancer

  • CT Scan(Computed Tomography scan) {img}

It’s used for the detection of lung cancer in earlier stages and is the most effective method as it takes a cross sectional and more descriptive and detailed image of the lungs in which each and every area of the lungs can be seen. A doctor can refer to this to identify if you are suffering from cancer or not.

  • Biopsy {img}

In Biopsy, a small sample of the tissue of the lungs is taken for examination purpose and this sample can be taken by the usage of the tube placed down through your throat by using a needle to pass through it to be used further for determination of lung cancer.

Smoking the culprit of lung cancer

Smoking is the main culprit to make people fall prey to lung cancer .The two types of smoking both active and passive smoking are harmful and passive smoking is even more harmful than active and can cause cancer .While passive smoking if we inhale the cigarette smoke which is tobacco on the regular basis then the carcinogens present in cigarette leads to damage  in the cells and tissue of the lungs and initiates the development of the lung cancer. The high amount of black liquid can be seen from the lungs of the smokers when squeezed and the shape of smoker’s lungs also becomes irregular  over time.

Symptoms of lung cancer

Symptoms of the lung cancer are hardly seen and due to the late visibility of the symptoms lung cancer is identified at later stages making the chances of curing it less. But still few of the symptoms observed includes breathing problems, blood in a cough, sore throat, chest pain or unexplained weight loss. So whenever you or any of your known experiences these symptoms make sure to visit a physician so that if it’s a lung cancer than it could be detected at early stages and cured easily.



Don’t Panic…If diagnosed with cancer, take preventive measure and you are ready to go….

Don’t Panic…If diagnosed with cancer, take preventive measure and you are ready to go….

If any one of the friends or colleagues or a member of your family is diagnosed with any type of cancer then don’t panic, just take preventive measures and you are ready to enjoy your life as others enjoy. So do follow some steps so that cancer doesn’t lead to life-threatening disease and they can be as follows:

  • Know the exact cancer stage: Do get yourself clear that t what stage of cancer you are so that proper treatment is to be provided to you by the doctor according to your stage of cancer and related preventive measures could be taken.
  • Doubt clarification: A patient need to clarify all the doubt related to each and everything whether its queries related to the diet or the treatment and preventive measures to be or taken or anything else. All you need to do is clarify all your doubts so that it some little mistake in treatment or anything else doesn’t lead you towards some side-effects to your health .So ,it’s suggested by all the doctors to open up yourself to them and take proper suggestions and treatments.
  • Have a moral support friend or family member: While going for the regular check up or anywhere else to spend your quality time or while going to enjoy some vacations always have one friend or the family member who keep you motivated and do provide moral support to you .
  • Treatment to be taken needs to be decided: There are numerous doctors and the treatment option available for cancer but it’s very important for the one that which treatment one should use for curing it’s cancer as they too have one or the other side –effects .Now, a very nice treatment developed due to advancement in the medical sciences field is named as, Immunotherapy, which has no side effects and is widely used by the patients these days.
  • Positive attitude: A very important thing for the person suffering from any disease is hope and the positive attitude .As cancer is a life threatening disease but one needs to be always hopeful towards life that it would be cured. Many times, cancer has lead to lose of lives in families due to improper treatment or the loss of hope to live life but as its said “where There’s a will ,There is a way” ,Similarly if there is ray of hope in one’s mind then that treatment proves to be more effective for those rather than the ones with no hope. So do have some positive attitude towards life and always stay connected to the positive, optimistic people rather than the pessimistic ones.

Do you also consider Cancer as Man –Made Disease?

Let’s start with the basic point of view the majority of human have regarding cancer. Some consider cancer as a man –made disease whereas some consider it as the disease we are born with. So ,till now it has been a debate for a long time whether it’s man-made or not. Most of the organizations ,media ,citizens,doctors have a distinctive opinion over the same .But as far now we can find out the different point of views different organization and citizens hold with them.

According to the studies done by the scientist over Egyptian mummies till now , they haven’t found any evidence of cancer in the past which proves that in earlier times the existence was cancer was not there which can further lead us to conclude that the disease named cancer has evolved over the years indicating the modernization as a factor of the disease.

Moreover, it’s an issue to be paid heed towards as one of the recent survey  results indicates it as complete man made disease indicating various types of pollution and synthetic ripened fruits and vegetable and junk food as the major factors of cancer.

But UK Cancer Research department clearly declines the fact that cancer is 100 % man made the disease. According to the Cancer research Organization of UK, the modern lifestyle and industrialization have a great impact on our health and thus increase the chances of developing cancer but completing agreeing to the point and coming to the conclusion that cancer is 100%  man made disease would be wrong.

Till now it has been off the topic of debate among the various health organizations like WHO and other whether cancer is man-made or modern disease and it’s going to last over a long time in future also .But as the precaution is better than cure thus proper preventive measures should be taken by us to keep cancer at a distance from affecting our health .

At last ,I would like to conclude that don’t blindly follow the claims of others that cancer is man-made or modern but just try to prevent yourself from this bitter disease so that it doesn’t touch you and yours family life.So take preventive measure in all perspective of life to avoid these life-threatening disease.


Let’s Make Breast Cancer free India This Mother’s Day

A mother is the one who knows us nine months more than anyone in the world and is the first teacher and blessing for us. So this mother’s day let’s take a pledge to make this India a  breast cancer free country .

And keeping her away from this brutal life-threatening disease of cancer would be the best gift to her this mother’s day. So we should first be aware of the causes of breast cancer to avoid our mother’s t fall prey to it.

What is breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is the one in which cancer cell growth starts in the tissue of the breast and is commonly found in the Women with the age of above 40 yrs. The breast cancer can be cured also if found at early stages by the implantation of the artificial breast. But it needs to be avoided so we must be aware of the symptoms so that we can detect it and can be cured.

Breast Cancer Symptoms include:

  • Formation of hard lump in the breast
  • Blood stained nipple discharge
  • The presence of small knots felt in the armpit.
  • Inward pull of nipple or change in its direction


It’s Causes:

  • Age
  • Family History
  • Late Menopause
  • Radiation exposure
  • Obesity
  • Smoking


Breast Cancer Treatment includes:

Standard Treatment for breast cancer methods includes surgery, chemotherapy, and  radiotherapy which have been into use for treating cancer patients mostly.

Awareness includes:

Awareness among people regarding it can reduce the risk of breast cancer to great extent and some awareness points includes:

  • Alcohol Limitation
  • Prohibition of smoking
  • Exercising regularly
  • Involving fresh fruits and vegetables in diet