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Best Cancer Hospitals

The main focus of We Care India for the treatment of cancer hospital is to provide every possible facility to the patient.

Certified Doctors

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Affordable Cost

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Cancer Treatment Assistant

We Care Health Services, worlds leading medical tourism company focused and based in India, is a trusted source of facilitation for cancer treatment and bone marrow transplant in India.

Snapshot of Service Offerings

As we are based in India with 25 years of experience to our concern, You Get.

Access to Eminent

Access to Eminent USA / UK, Internationally experienced doctors and surgeons at JCI / ISO accredited hospitals.

Choice of city and hospital

Choice of city and hospital with complete details and feedback from previous patients treated by the chosen consultant.

Provide Best Help

Conference call with the chosen consultant.


60 – 85 % savings on major medical procedures as compared to typical USA / UK hospitals.

Affordable Cost

Personally negotiated price.

International Patient Services

International Patient Services from We Care Health Services – Complimentary.

Comprehensive Medical quote

Comprehensive Medical quote and Hospitality quote including We Care owned Guest houses, Star Hotels, Air Bookings.

We Care Services

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment medical tourism portal.

Why You should travel to India for Cancer Treatment

To avail the best treatment from the experienced surgeon with best techniques at an affordable cost in the family environment.


Access to Advanced Cancer Treatment

Access to Various cancer treatment like radiotherapy, chemotherapy or combination of two therapies with high success rates.

World Class Hospitals

JCI /JCAHO/ISO accredited screened partner hospitals with maintained hygienic rooms, advanced equipment and medical ethics exceeding the world’s other hospitals

Experienced, Board certified Cancer Consultants

We Care is proud and privileged to have on board a panel of Board certified, and USA / UK / internationally experienced Eminent Cancer Consultants to help, answer the patients’ queries and offer cancer treatment


We care Health Services partnered hospitals employ latest technology equipment for treatment like Latest Linear Accelerators, PET Scan, X-Knife, Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife, advanced Chemotherapy drugs with the advantage of Dedicated Bone Marrow Transplant units with senior cancer consultants.

Affordable Cost

Provide services at approximately 60-85% lower prices for Cancer treatments compared to USA/UK.

Immediate, Private, Confidential

An Immediate, Private, Confidential conversation with cancer consultant after submission of medical reports providing with the opinion regarding best suitable treatment .U decide and the hospital with all services booked for you according to your schedule in a blink of an eye.

Tumor Board

A team of super specialist in cancer treatment called tumor board at your services to discuss complex patient cases coming together in a week coming with the best-suggested treatment.


Cancer Treatment in India at Best Cancer Hospitals

  • We Care India focus for the treatment of cancer hospital to provide every possible facility to the patient.
  • The patient of the Cancer disease is already going through a trauma that can ruin his or her life but if he or she gets to know that the best cancer hospital can easily treat their problems so the half tension that they had can be resolved.
  • Our Doctors have experienced in the field of cancer treatment and they can easily handle the complicated case as well and deliver the vast quality services.
  • The team of the Doctor, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and the internist come together and the treatment of the patients step by step.
  • The services that the patient is getting the reasonable prices from us, the main motto is to give quality and functional services to every patient because we care for you.
  • We care India has a great and trusted association with all the cancer treatment hospital through India.


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Expert Surgeons


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Patient Experiences


I want to show my deep gratitude towards We care services, India. My experience from  start to the end was incredible. Helped me with each and every possible thing from travel issues to stay and communication with the tumor board and consultant  from all issues from needle to the mountain. Had a great experience over treatment from India.
Cebisile, Africa, Adjuvant Therapy
Cebisile, Africa, Adjuvant Therapy
We are extremely happy with the treatment to provide to us during our stay .The Staff provide us with the treatment so kindly and diligently and has compelled me to come again and even suggest to have treatment from here .
Guneet Kathpal, Brachytheraphy, India
Guneet Kathpal, Brachytheraphy, India
Nothing can be expected more than to get back my life back. All credit goes to one and only We Care services which provided me with the best guidance and the treatment for curing my cancer. My complete experience was awesome and it would my first suggestion for all the cancer patient for the treatment.
Adebisi, Nigeria, Radiotherapy
Adebisi, Nigeria, Radiotherapy
Heartiest thanks to We Care Services for the chemotherapy. Had experienced great results from the treatment and it enhances my quality of life which I was missing.
Akara, Thailand, Chemo Therapy
Akara, Thailand, Chemo Therapy
A  very big thanks to We care Services for providing me with the best treatment for my mother suffering from bone marrow cancer from so highly experienced staff .The hospital  staff is very caring and supportive.
Hope You continue to grow and provide the best services .
Azwinaki, South Africa, Bone Marrow Transplant
Azwinaki, South Africa, Bone Marrow Transplant

Rely On We care services for best Cancer Treatment In India.